Who We Are

Brisbug was established in 1987. The club, while smaller, it continues to be a meeting place for members with an interest in computers and things computer.

The goal is to help members with their computer questions and interests, but also address some of the issues arising from the many mobile technologies that are in use.

We deal with members' problems with our Q&A session at each meeting, members bring in their questions / problems and sometimes just share information they have found interesting.

Members can bring in their troublesome computers and we will work on them and fix what is fixable on the day.

Where we can't do a fix, we provide information on likely issues and the possible fixes that can be tried. This can be a step by step fault finding process, or tests that can be tried to narrow down the problem. Often this requires switching around hardware to physically prove what is working and what is not.

The club aims to give a member information when deciding if a new computer will be cheaper than the cost of repair.